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Your best choice when you need a hand around the house.



Quality, Reliability, Integrity

Do you ever find yourself with a list of small jobs, that you don't have time for, or aren't quite sure how to tackle? You may think the jobs are too small - no one would be interested...that's where THAT HANDY GAL can help!

I specialize in small jobs - woodwork, painting, drywall patching, artwork hanging, furniture assembly, and more. My services might be varied, but they all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and durability. I’m an experienced furniture maker, carpenter and handy person with knowledge passed down from generations.

I am insured and can offer a 1-year guarantee for all my services.






I recently booked Shannon for a project (hanging hooks) in my condo. It wasn’t the biggest project, so I wasn’t sure she’d be up for it, but she was. And that’s one of the things I appreciated about Shannon - that even though it was small in scope, getting the end result (look and functionality) was a priority to her. Not to mention she also came when she said she would - refreshing. If handiness, quality and integrity are important to you, Shannon’s your gal. Just don’t preoccupy all her time - I want her coming back!
Shannon is a great professional and a pleasure to work with. She is very quick to make the proper diagnosis on the problem to be fixed and the ways in which it can be done. She brings the necessary tools and we can rely on her that all will be done on time and well. I highly recommend Shannon to anybody who needs small and larger repairs. I also needed Shannon’s advice on decorations, colours and use of materials. All turned out extremely well.
Shannon came to my rescue! I had been renovating my kitchen over the past few weeks and was waiting for my fantastic new fridge with french doors to arrive. I live in an upside down house and our kitchen is on the third floor. Four strong movers came to carry the fridge up the stairs. They were unable to get past the last turn because of our very large, very old and beautiful banister. I had them leave the fridge on the second floor and called Shannon to see if removing the banister was possible. Within 24 hours she was there and did an exceptional job at cleanly removing the 100 year old + railing. I had the new fridge moved up and the old fridge moved down and then Shannon returned to put all the pieces back together. It is actually more solid and stable than it was previously. I have known Shannon for a long time and highly recommend her!
Shannon is so cool. At the end of a long day on another job she made time to swing by and put up some shelving and a mirror on a brick wall. She was super friendly, efficient and even though it was a long day, one still got the sense that she really enjoys her work...... And the work was perfect.
Thanks again!